I’ve really thought of what i have to write for this post (including its title) but I’m completely blank. Not sure if its coz I’m writing at 4 minutes to midnight but anyway this is what i have to say about Akil:
Its strange that we became close friends on the first day of meeting up in less than 30mins of talking, that was when we were both monos and had adolescence was taking its time coz vocally, we would have auditioned for a cast as the soprano duo.

not forgetting post high school when meeting up was a hustle but we still did when i came to Nairobi.


Remembering us writing petty rhymes in class, how often we forget that such little acts ended up making you one of the most known poets in Nairobi (I like to keep most of my poetry and pieces to myself anyway). I don’t really remember the name of the event but this was one of those poetry things at town, the only thing i can remember about it was Omoha was at this one.

I still remember how Westgate messed up your poetry event that year and the way you were too depressed as we were heading from South C to Syokimau, less than 3 months from then Alternative Agency was born, my first true intentions of joining the agency were nothing but to make sure i could be there to help you as much as possible… 5 years later its one of the best social media marketing agencies in Kenya.


Day ones of Alternative Agency

Not forgetting our first big gig as an agency.

And of the crazy moments at the office

Of the holidays in Diani

Of the agency’s house warming and photobombing

of the poses and beard gang moments

of pot bellies and creative classes

to suits and ties

Your success story is one of which as a close friend, a fellow poet, a coworker and a brother, i can only look through your hustle and say ‘Alhamdulilah’ that just yesterday it was your day to say your vows…

May Allah bless you and your family today, tomorrow and always.

And may success always follow your hard work and passion.



Abu was making sure the food budget was put to good use