Now I’m sure you are expecting a lot of pics from the title, but picture this before you visualize that:

  1. It was raining heavily.
  2. The main route up was flooded and inaccessible.
  3. I went there without doing thorough research (Blame it on workload).
  4. I was wearing open shoes and wearing white of all things

So me and Abdulhakeem (a fellow photographer) had been planning for a shoot for the longest time, each time something comes up and we never do it (i think we all face that sometimes). So he hit me up with this Suswa shoot about 10 days before and without second thought i decided to go (new places means new photos and new cultures, experience experience experience!!!). Kinda like playing games, when you gain xp you level up, so the more places i visit means more creativity and ideas. So anyway the day reached (11.03.2018) and waking up to a shoot from a shoot on Saturday got me in a very lazy mood, plus i just felt like wearing open shoes (1st mistake). We meet up in town and headed for Suswa.

The road trip to Suswa was calm, easy and just slow paced since we were using public transport. I was busy listening to Lo-Fi coz that stuff calms me down but getting there the first we notice is we were dropped at a location what we didnt expect (The power or ignorance is pure bliss!!!) and we had to take another car to the junction heading to Mount Suswa (digging pockets financially).

Now at the junction to go to Mount Suswa (on the second entrance which wasn’t flooded) we discovered its 24km to the place (I know right?) and the car guy was charging us premium of 4000, that’s 1000 each just to get us there (coz we were 4), lets not forget there is coming back down… I would rather hire my personal car and fuel it up with that cash than spend it just going up and coming down. Now being the economist i am,this is what i figured out:

  1. It was raining heavily up the mountain.
  2. It turned out too expensive to go up.
  3. it was getting late.
  4. I looked like i was in a weekend mode with open shoes.
  5. I was hungry and i was in a dilemma coz if i eat before going up I’d suffer from stitch, if i eat when we get up there the rain and cold might make it go tasteless (my love for food knows no bounds).
  6. There is always another day, I mean it wasn’t the end of the world even if the Mountain was right infront of us (if i was coming all the way from Mombasa for it, i would have considered paying here lol).

So i ended thinking it it would be cheap going back to Nairobi since each will spend 250 max, and that’s a lot of good money to be used to good use.

But i didnt leave empty handed, I decided to just make sure to take some nice pics before we leave, right?

Then this sand storm came and i wasn’t slow to take advantage of it

Then there was this cow who had beef with me and literally attacked me as i tried to touch him (since when did i become the enemy?) but with good reflexes i dodged and just moved away. Though i always think of myself as a humble person that animals love, this cow proved me absolutely wrong! Still took its pic either way.


But anyway we had fun before coming back to Nairobi, and Abdi gave me this neat idea on how he wanted his sandstorm pic so i did it


all in all it was such a dope experience though we didn’t go up the mountain, we shall reschedule for another day when we are fully prepared (and have a personal car)

I also didn’t take any video footage, I really need to consider Vlogging.

Give me your thoughts on the comments below, if you have been there already, advice is highly recommended.

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