Forgive my weaknesses for ill features, i wish most to bathe my mind, body and thirst in your hotness. If by chance i end up loosing my mind in the process, don’t be haste in judgement. It’s human to trip and fall but a rare sight to fall in an endless loop of shameless thoughts of which, I am personally, not ashamed of accepting the fact that i cant help rid myself off… And truly… Even if the morrow is barren of promise, nothing shall forestall my advances.
As to why i cant abate myself of your scent or clean my thoughts from your craves… Even devil’s dream of getting angels to fall for them. Nay take my thoughts inappropriately, i wish not to make you a fallen angel, nor to burn and taint your wings of innocence with the scars in my heart, nor should belittle my actions as mere folklore to win you over… You truly are a special breed, a rare diamond that i believe i have spent quite some time subconsciously complimenting, a mixture of both light and wild… I am lost when it comes to you… I can’t help wonder “How man more like me?”