So i had initially met Michael Flynn at the business for photography workshop and the most iconic words i remember of him were “When your ‘why’ is strong, your ‘how’ will be easy”, such simple words that made me revert back to why i decided to be a full time photographer in the first place and not another employee working 8 to 5 waiting impatiently to log out and end the day at work.

while at business for photography workshop

While it is true that cash flow is a vital aspect of survival in this extremely competitive town called Nairobi, i regained all my focus in my work in a matter of mere minutes coz i was quite derailed on how i will manage to make it through 2018 while managing to get all the equipment in my ‘to buy’ list. This was just the beginning, now imagine i was with him for 6 straight Saturdays.

Simply Put, what i have learnt (coz my ears were open while i was working) is some of the most valuable entrepreneurial skills that are hard to come by. I mean i looked forward to each Saturday coz i knew in as much as i am taking his event pictures, i was gaining those soft skills to polish up my workflow. The things i have learnt so far include:

  1. How to connect with people.
  2. How to manage my finances.
  3. How to turn tides of a conversation to positivity.
  4. Negotiation skills.
  5. Sale’s skills.

Those are the most important to me (so i remember them off-head) but i did gain a lot more, networking with fellow entreprenuers at the event, sharing of ideas and lastly socializing. Some would argue that i am social, I’m not at all. But by the 4th week i was free and easy to talk to everyone there (even negotiate deals).

at this point we were having a practical scenario of how 2 different companies are to agree on something they both want but are not willing to share or give to the other persons demand… Well we never agreed lol.

So the weekend will feature a trip to Mombasa for those who would go and not forget there will be Fire Walk *insert shocked smiley here*, I’m raved up. Call me ‘Man of Steel’ after it.

Photo credit: James Mapes

I took a lot of pictures but I cant share all of them here (6 weeks of pictures), but if you go to Michael Flynn’s page you will find a lot more. Here are the hand picked few that i personally liked.

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