There is a big difference between dealing with a client who expects you to give them instructions on how to look good and a client who knows exactly what to do to look good… this is what i felt when i met Jamal. Doing a shoot for Jenttman (which is an online clothing shop specifically for men), Jamal was the model chosen for the shoot and for that, he did not disappoint at all!!! Very cool headed guy, down to earth, knows exactly what he is doing, how he wants the picture to look like, and most of all very easy to deal with. I don’t think I have had any easier shoot so far than this…


After this shoot i had only one thought running through my mind “In my other life, i would have done well to be a model” but being behind the┬ácamera has its own advantages and being able to come up with a picture that looks good is something i love.

For an amazing shopping experience on Facebook and Instagram, just check through Jenttmans’s collection and place your order asap… I personally died when i saw these shoes! (Converse shoes are life!)

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