Attending a jazz concert and being a photographer for a jazz concert are 2 completely different things but burning bush, these guys played instruments to a point of getting those tingly goosebumps in the inside.


Being a jazz concert as is, most of the pictures were low light, so as to give them the feel of the event while for those that i used my speed-light e.g taking pictures of the audience, i used a slight touch of warm tones and cleared up a bit of the shadows, the feel was too epic to kill out.

As for me, well like most photographers, i appeared in less pictures but thats alright, one awesome pic is worth showcasing my presence 😀

I also got some pretty dope pics of the equipments and mics, But the one that just jazzed me the most was this one.

and last but not least, where is the love without a bit of photobombing lol


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