I’m Mani El-Darreiny, a Kenyan photographer, beginner Videographer and poet based in Nairobi.

I have been an arts lover for as long as i remember:

  • I made craft from one of my mum’s rings before the age of 6… she almost fainted when she saw it, pure genius work of art.
  • I made my own pinhole camera which had a film made from newspaper articles… I couldnt even read them but it got me famous in the neighborhood.
  • I drew my class teacher on the blackboard in primary before leaving from school, it was a detailed explanation as to how we (the students) felt while under punishment. I can’t imagine anyone could have done a better job but what transpired the next day… May God save us all. *inserts song: Ed Sheeran – I see fire*
  • I once saw a naked mad man on the streets and decided to put my photography skills to the test… I lost a shoe, ran for more than a kilometer and knew just how much God existed in those few minutes. Its not pleasing looking back in breathes at a mad man who has his thing dangling.

Okay now the serious work begins here:

  • I started my photography early 2013 when i got my first Olympus camera to work with, before then i was using my iPhone which pretty much did some amazing pictures. It wasnt a DSLR but the compact camera could do me wonders. I did macro pics, landscape, portraits etc… I sold my first work of art for a mere 5$ (a phone pic)… i wish i knew the value then.

    Binito in the shadows
  • 2014 i worked for a digital marketing agency and got my hands on my first DSLR, cannon 1100D. You would probably think this baby was an entry level but the pictures i could take with this were heavenly, my passion for photography grew 10 folds.

    Jaguars on Thika Road
  • Late 2014 my decided to go pro on photography, took a leap of faith and went straight to Cannon 5D Mark III, it was purely a financial cripple especially since it was based on a personal loan but with the pictures it could take, i was 2 steps in paradise already.

  • Mid 2016 i got my Nikon D5300, the angles this baby could do (coz of the 360 angle swivel viewfinder) my photography transversed into video… my life could never be the same after that.

    Busia Seat
  • Now, 2017, i work with Photography, Video, Animation, social media marketing, poetry… and i think anything i feel is creative enough to spark my creative imagination (like i went carpentry and built my own table, *throwing gang signs*)

    The art of making mabuyu look heavenly

Photography to me is art, i would have called it my wife but my girlfriend would kill me if she heard that.